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Posted By: Micca
03-Jun-01 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Miccas gone limp
Subject: Miccas gone limp
Does anyone here know anything about sprained knees??? I have sprained my right knee and after the Casualty docs (ER docs to our American friends) finished torturing me to make sure it wasnt the ligaments gone, they said "See your own Doc. he will explain everything" and left with evil smirks.
Now I can't see my own Doc. until Thursday, so any one with experiences?
How long does it take to mend?
how long before I can stop using crutches and doing an impression of Long John Silver???
where can I get a cheap Parrott??
Does it EVER stop hurting...?
and any Jokes, humour, Boredom relieving comments, are most welcome, as I do not do "sitting still and resting " very well. and could use a laugh or two. many thanks friends..