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Posted By: mytoycar
03-Jun-01 - 01:35 PM
Thread Name: Sorta BS: Tattoos & Piercings
Subject: RE: Sorta BS: Tattoos & Piercings
WHY? my mother mrs duck is in mid forties and has in the past year has bleached and dyed her hair purple and green and no one comlained, I am only 17 and had my hair so that one side was pink the other green abit like a punk cruella devil and that was when hell broke lose so if you want a tatoo or just to dye your hair its you desicion and no one can stop you, as long as its within reason.
And to mr leprechaun lit me tell you some thing from some one who suffers from self-mutilation as a way out, ampitation is not a good thing, so when youve had your hand taken off and cant hold a new born baby to apprechiate its wonder HA!!!! that shows how much we care about our bodies, Tatooing and peircing adds to its glory cuting bits off is an arrogant way of expression at least with tatoos and piercings you can have them removed from you you cant replace a finger or a nose!