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Posted By: Jeri
03-Jun-01 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Miccas gone limp
Subject: RE: BS: Miccas gone limp
Kat's got it right with the RICE. You want to keep the swelling down, and heat is BAD for that. S'ok after the initial inflamation though.

I've torn ligaments and cartilage. I was once told in an ER that I had sprained my knee, but done no serious damage. It turned out I had completely torn the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), torn a bit of cartilage and wound up having surgery to replace the ACL and fix the cartilage. Jeri's basic advice: if it feels wobbly instead of stiff, get your doctor to torture you some more. Note that in my case, the diagnosis/assessment by the ER docs had absolutly nothing to do with the outcome - I just would have known about it earlier.