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Posted By: Jande
04-Jun-01 - 06:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Miccas gone limp
Subject: RE: BS: Miccas gone limp
Hi Micca!

Sorry to hear about your knee!

I second the advice about arnica cream. I use it for every kind of muscle ache/pain.

I was flat on my back ill with allergies for a number of years, so part of my recovery included recovering the use of my muscles. I took up the game of Squash and found that my knees just wouldn't work well and gave me a LOT of pain as if they'd been strained. So I got me a pair of those knee support elastics and wore them day in and day out for about six months I think, and rubbed the knees with arnica creme (Thompson's brand in the health food stores in Canada)a couple of times a day. The pain went away early, but I kept the treatment up until I could play a fifty-minute game of squash three or four times a week while wearing the supports, for the last two years I've been able to play this long without the supports.

I also do a lot of creative dancing these days.

Good luck, Micca!

~ Jande