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Posted By: R.B.
03-Dec-98 - 05:12 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Another Train (Pete Morton)
Subject: Re: Another train there always is...
Great song, I think the other guys were on the wrong track. (sorry, poor pun) I wish I could remember more but here is all I know. If more comes to mind I'll post it.

I beleive the artist was a singer/song writer from the Austin Tx. music scene. She passed away 5-10 years ago and they held a benifit concert to help pay her medical bills. Sorry, don't remeber her name, the record title might be, 'This rythm is mine', but I had no luck finding it.

I can add only a little to your lyrics.

There's another train there always is so get up and climb aboard another train

Don't look back at past mistakes ??? and past regrets will only drain you.

Hope this helps in your search. You might try calling your favorite folk radio station, the song still gets a little air time.