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Posted By: BobP
06-Jun-01 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: the truth will out
Subject: RE: BS: the truth will out
"You want truth, you can't handle the truth", thus sayeth the attorneys and judges on all sides last fall.

Here are a few "truths" as told to us by "guess who"!
- The state's voting machinery has been overhauled.(br> - Officials of both parties have promised a smooth process next time.
- Statewide elections are just 18 months off.
- One more "election by lawyers" & the system is dead.
- Floridians have ample time to study the "atrocity".
- The stage is set for a people's showdown.
- Florida voters will, at last, demonstrate their will.

Last chance for the elective process?

Reverberations of "Go vote, it's your civic duty" will fade slowly into the mists of time.

Assuming the idealogical split in that unfortunate state remains about even, whatever tilt comes from the next election will be the people's expression in response to last fall's "atrocity", says me.

Will the people abide and accept the results or will attorneys from whichever side comes up short, spin us around and explain the voter's "intent"?

Will ABC's early exit polls cause those heading out to vote to give up and go home thinking their cause is lost?

If the results from statewide office races show up squeaky close, will the loser demand a recount?

When that moment occurs, you'll have your truth.