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Posted By: Roger in Sheffield
07-Jun-01 - 09:11 AM
Thread Name: Help: The Great Hunger
Subject: RE: Help: The Great Hunger
link to C.Kinealy article on this page
another view
views of the famine

That the potato crop failed was a tragedy, that starving people were allowed to die because they had no money to buy food is terrible. To add insult to injury assistance was offered in the form of hard labour on road building schemes and other 'public works', just what you need on an empty belly. My country allowed this to happen and I am not proud of it
Neither am I proud that today people dying from aids die because they cannot afford the drugs they need - I think that recently big companies gave in to allow generic drugs to be sold in S.Africa? Unfortunately these generics will not be free and so the poor will still die without treatment
Last year I heard that GM crops will feed the world, but just as in Ireland if you haven't any money you can't buy food - so if we ever have enough food to feed the world do you really think the poor will get food for free - in your dreams

A couple of years ago in Ireland we drove along a road with a beautiful view of the sea and The burren hills, later I read that it had first been constructed as a famine 'public works' project, a scenic road from nowhere to nowhere, and many had died during its construction