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Posted By: Fortunato
07-Jun-01 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: Pinewoods - An evil Empire???
Subject: RE: Pinewoods - An evil Empire???
Oh, so you want to make a decent living as a folk/oldtime/bluegrass muscian? Try dressing like you're seventeen, bare midriff, ultra tight pants, try to appear to be thin and blonde with large breasts. Maybe make a video where people ooze around on each other damn near naked holding banjos? Or buy a cowboy hat and sing soap opera cheating songs. Irish Rap? Celtic Hip-hop?

You know what thay call a folk/oldtime/bluegrass musician without a working spouse?

A)Homeless B)Destitute C)Retirementless D)Health Insurance deficient? E)All of the foregoing?

I think I just depressed myself.