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Posted By: Jim the Bart
07-Jun-01 - 04:34 PM
Thread Name: Pinewoods - An evil Empire???
Subject: RE: Pinewoods - An evil Empire???
InOBU - Making a living in any creative aspect of the music business is tough. Trying to keep together a five piece band as a Uilean Piper? It would be difficult to stack the deck higher against yourself; it would take an incredible amount of talent, luck, chutzpa and all the other stuff mentioned above to find a living wage in that situation, regardless of where you live.

I started fighting the same battle that you are now in, here in Chicago, back in the 70's. Over the years I have learned one hard lesson: there is no guaranteed living wage in the arts. Period. You do what you can, where you are, with what you have. You do it out of love with little hope that what is given back will balance with what you put in. You savor the little victories. Mostly, you adjust your expectations as you get older.

Congratulations on the recording co-op. I wish we were geographically closer so I could see your band and you could hear me play. Good luck. Prove me wrong.

Best wishes,