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Posted By: GUEST,Dear Mr Eagle ..
07-Jun-01 - 10:24 PM
Thread Name: Help: The Great Hunger
Subject: RE: Help: The Great Hunger
I read today that anti EU agencies in the Island of Ireland obtained IR40,000 Pounds from an unknown source which it used to pay for its campain against the EU Referendum to allow the admission of several Eastern European countries to the EU.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland, Mr Bertie A'Hern, has informed the public that these funds came from a right wing religious group in the USA.

The opponents of the Referendum deny this and continue to resist enlargement of the EU.

Living in the USA I know what the right wing Pat Roberson, Bob Jones types etc think, and I must here add for our UK and ROI readers, these sentiments are indeed as Mr A'Hern correctly states - right wing Americans do NOT like the EU. They have a interpretation of the Bible which states that Revealtion points to the EU as one of terrors at the end of time - some kind of 10 horned beast. They have made Europe into a Devil, whcih children are taught at school! I know any reasonable Brit would never fall for this kind of BS, but this is not Britain!

In recent negtiations in eastern Europe I discovered to my utter horror that Bush had sent some of his best agents to eastern Europe to errrr help them errr reach an acceptable result ( to the USA ?? ) in a referndum there to decide the issue of joining or not joining the EU.

The activities of these Diplomats in Slovakia/Slovenia shows this very dangerous prejudice is now Untied Staes Foreign Policy!

We must never ever ever forget that in Japan at the end of World War 2 this civilised United States of America dropped not one but two Nuclear Bombs on civilian areas KNOWING the terrible civilian casualities that would result. When it comes to how far powefull nations will go there seems no end when their own wealth/power is at stake!