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Posted By: InOBU
08-Jun-01 - 07:38 AM
Thread Name: Pinewoods - An evil Empire???
Subject: RE: Pinewoods - An evil Empire???
My dear dear Joy...
Anyone who know me can tell you I have been and am a man of action politicaly. In my years as a lawyer, I never took a fee working for communities which have no representation and no hope of funding, for example, state and unrecognised Indian nations. BUT! I have seen a removal of social content from people's music growing each year. Now, I don't mean to say Pinewoods is part of that process (reminding all that the answer I posted to the shock headline was NO...).
As to the quality of the music, much of the social commentary of past people's music was much more obvious during it's day. No one wondered why Johnnie Faa was going to be hanged - or his love was being held in chains, at the time it was written. That song was about (is about) the genocide of Romanichales (Gypsies) in Scotland.
Have you heard the live demo I sent Pinewoods, just as a bit of curiosity on my part? You speak of the quality of music in general terms in this, while many mudcatters who know my band speak raise a litteral obeservation about the quality of our work and ask, what is it about our band that does not make the grade?
Just currious, not confrontational... Larry