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Posted By: GUEST,Claymore
08-Jun-01 - 04:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: the truth will out
Subject: RE: BS: the truth will out
If my memory serves me, a buddy of mine banged Berry's son for five years mandatory for crack at the start of Clinton's date-rape of the American people. If she is the same one, she tried to to use the buggaloo squad in DC to sidetrack the warrant, but it was a Viginia case and he got all five years. I sure one of you folks with all the time and search engines could pull up the case.

And in reference to the road blocks set up by Miami police; the Miami papers reported it was a seatbelt check, and the conkheads that claimed they had been harrased by the PO-lice forgot that the radio traffic of all officers stopping cars that day was taped and archived. When the FBI investigated, they found that most of the lying fools had been never stopped (all tags on vehicles that were stopped were radio'd in) and those that were, were released within minutes in locations that had no relevence to the voting poll locations where these people were supposed to vote. Those that showed up at the proper polls voted within 15 minutes of entry at the busiest time. And the diddyboopers that were videoed at the Commission meeting screaming about being intimidated by what turned out to be a 72 year old jewish female poll worker?

Even the black democrats on the Civil Rights Commission weren't dumb enough to call it a "Right-wing conspiracy," but obviously some liberals are...