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Posted By: GUEST,Claymore
08-Jun-01 - 06:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: the truth will out
Subject: RE: BS: the truth will out
Alex, I don't have to believe it, I KNOW IT. As a a cop for 18 years, I can tell you that an officer ALWAYS radio's the tags of the car he is stopping, and if the radio is too busy, and something pops in front of him, he scribbels the tag number on his palm as he gets out. More than one case of an officer shot dead, has been solved by checking his hands for tag numbers.

Furthermore, it is common in many jurisdictions, that if the officer does not mark back in within three minutes, saying in effect, "Everythings 10-4, I'll be checking tags, issuing warning, giving directions, etc." you send backup immediately. As a Shift Commander, I have reamed young officers who forgot this, and suddenly saw several cruisers roaring to their "rescue", only to discover he was "giving directions" to the mythical Suzie Rottencrotch, and had forgotten to "mark in".

Those whose political agenda included using mythical intimidation for their laziness in voting, forgot that police departments are closing the loopholes on those who would lie to Commisions as well as to those officers who would lie to their superiors.

I worked internal affairs for three years, and I have a small prediction to make. As departments use video and computer surviellence (with GPS) on their officers activities, the same number of minorities will be stopped as are now alleged in "racial profiling", only this time their violations, and subsequent behavior will be on tape.

When 12 percent of the population commits close to 50 percent of all crime (with various percentages within each specific crime classification, such as less white collar and fraud, and more assualts, murders and rapes), you will still find those percentages on the street.

Make no mistake, there are bad officers and bad supervisors, but did you ever wonder at the rate for bad attorneys or bad doctors? And only one group must submit to extensive background checks and lie detectors to get their job (and occasionally to keep them).

Miami is a minority run department, and to doctor the tapes, which would be easily caught by the FBI crime lab, in a city where most officers are union-democrats, would be a fantasy that only a liberal could support.

As for the swamp land in Florida, considering the intelligence of the voters, I'll pass thank you...