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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
04-Dec-98 - 06:13 AM
Thread Name: Mary don't you weep--meaning
Subject: RE: Mary don't you weep--meaning
Bseed and Gargoyle,

What is going on? Both of you are capable of wonderful, informing, and stimulating posts. But occasionally it gets personal.

When you encounter something you don't like or with which you don't agree in this forum, you are most welcome to post your own thoughts and/or opinions. No need to cast aspersions in addition.

Opinions and thoughts are like elbows, most people have more than one and they are usually a little different from those of their fellow human beings. To paraphrase other wise people, "Take what you need (from this forum) and leave the rest." 'Tis a civil approach I recommend to all.

Roger in Baltimore