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Posted By: Suffet
09-Jun-01 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Brown Is the Shit (Stephen L. Suffet)
Subject: Reply to Lori's Song
Note: This is purely an intellectual exercize. Think of it in terms of my previous "answer" songs, such as "Willie McBride's Reply" and "The South Coast Revisited."

Tune: "Red Is the Rose"
Words: Stephen L. Suffet © 2001

That day upon the Mall, I clearly do recall,
And the songs that we sang together,
Then you took me to your room, you said to sing a tune,
And to find a little shelter from the weather.

I told you way back then, I was a married man,
And I harbored no desire for cheating.
Is it really so absurd to be taken at my word,
Even though our passions were heating?

Oh, your beauty did allure, of that you can be sure,
As I felt the fires a-startin',
So to myself I said, as I sat there on your bed:
Steve, don't put down your Martin!

I still want to be your friend, may our friendship never end,
May we sing 'til the Sun sets upon us,
And I'll love you in a way that friends love every day,
Think of philos, not eros.

--- Steve