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Posted By: Seany
11-Jun-01 - 08:44 AM
Thread Name: out of tune whistle !
Subject: out of tune whistle !
Please don't knock me for starting a new thread on this topic - I know there have been discussions in the past.

I recently decided to check how well tuned my tin whistle is by using an electronic guitar tuner - this allows me to check the EBGDAE notes.

Shock ! Horror !

While some of the notes seem to be reasonably in tune others are way out.

I have 2 Clarke sweet-tone 'D's and 2 Clarke Sweetone 'C's. The 'D's are better than the 'C's.

I have experimented as suggested by melting the glue on the mouthpiece, applying grease and then sliding the mouthpiece about.

This does not work - yes, it moves the bottom note (and all the others) but the bottom 'D' note is in tune on my 'D' whistle so I knock it and a few others out of tune.

It is the 'E' note that I am having most trouble with. I can resolve this by blowing with half the strength I normally blow with but if I am going fast in a tune then I have no chance of being able to modify the blowing pressure on a per note basis.

The 'C' whistle is a complete disaster !!

Is there a cheap whistle, that not only sounds good, but that is definitely in tune or which can be tuned by tinkering about with it ?