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Posted By: GUEST,UB Dan
11-Jun-01 - 03:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: the truth will out
Subject: RE: BS: the truth will out
Alex, I was just trying to be proactive in case there was a misunderstanding. I was worried that you might believe my statement in this thread (i.e. "Otherwise, we should defend white supremecists or ant-semites as simply having an opinion and its okay because they believe it to be true. ") would be taken as an allusion to the other thread...
I did not, however post anything to the B-day thread...I just didn't want it to creep into this discussion.

Now back to the're right, "I like the color blue" would be a fact, because it would be a statement of my opinion. Perhaps a better analogy would have been "The color blue is nice" vs. "The color blue cures cancer". Do you understand my overall idea of the difference between opinion and supposition or am I explaining it badly. Maybe it is just semantics...but the meaning of words is all we have for communication.

I still admit that I may be missing some logical jump, but what we still seem to have is a news article about a draft report that denies any conspiracy and may or may not indicate an overzealous campaign to reduce voter fraud. This kendall says shows that no one can hide from the truth anymore...then he tells us that what the article says and what it means are two different things...then he tells us that there was widespread voter fraud and Bush stole the election...then he says that he never meant there was a conspiracy...and finally he says we all create our own realities...

Do you understand my confusion? If kendall said "The truth will out....I don't like nor do I trust Bush" I'd say more power to him, its the accusations with unrelated information and then the admonition that he doesn't need facts because we all create our own realities...that's what gets to me

Reality is the state of things as they are, rather than as they are imagined to be.

delusions - A false belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that persists despite the facts, and is not considered tenable by one's associates.

The key here to me is not that people feel like your right...but that the position is tenable..