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Posted By: Big Mick
05-Dec-98 - 10:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Man From God Knows Where
Subject: RE: The '98 Rising

Welcome to the net and to our community. We are glad that you are here and hope to see you contribute often.

The DT refers to Digital Traditions. It is the name of our database of songs, which are compiled from the contributions of our citizens, culled by Dick and Susan of DT. It and the Mudcat Cafe (which you are in now and is a thread forum) are inextricably linked.

Using the DT is easy and we prefer that folks look in it before they post a request for lyrics. Saves a lot of time.

Using the DT is very easy. Just post as little as one key word, or an exact phrase surrounded by brackets. EX: Croppie, or [croppie boy], and hit the search button. The DT will search and show you all the songs with that in it. Sometimes it is advantageous to use a broad search, ie when you are not sure of how to frame the search but are sure of one word. Other times it is best to use the phrase, when you are absolutely sure it exists in the song. The latter will give you fewer and more directed hits.

A couple of notes. You will see that Jerry Friedman searched for the croppie boy by using brackets and a * after the two p's. That is because he wasn't sure how the word croppie ended, y or ie. The star after the two p's tells the server to show all songs with words that start with "cropp" no matter how they end.

We are glad you are here, and I hope this helps you in the future.

All the best,