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Posted By: kendall
11-Jun-01 - 08:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: the truth will out
Subject: RE: BS: the truth will out
Your example of the Peterbuilt is not a very good example. Anyone who believes that an on coming truck is a butterfly belongs in an institution. Any shrink worth his/her salt will tell you, that in matters of belief, we do create our own reality. My reality tells me that Bush stole the election. Whether or not there was a conspiracy, I dont know, but it is more likely that many people had the same idea at the same time, (do what it takes to get that smirking doofus into the White House) There were problems right here in Portland Maine, people went to vote only to find that they were listed as DEAD! Taken off the rolls! Why was it happening in the poorer section of the city? You want facts? I'll give you a fact, I DONT LIKE BUSH. Now, you nit pickers, argue with that!