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Posted By: KingBrilliant
12-Jun-01 - 04:40 AM
Thread Name: Songwriting Under Pressure
Subject: RE: Songwriting Under Pressure
bw - yes. I posted a couple of songs to Aine's songpage & it does seem weird divorcing them from the tune. I put in a comment about the style of tune & hopefully that helps.
However my songs are just words + melody line + chords, so there's not that much lost. I would imagine that if you have proper arrangements & different instrument parts etc etc that the non-word bits must become much more integral to the song.
So the question is - is it better to share the words in isolation and thereby out of their proper context, or should it be all or nothing?
I imagine its a personal decision and depends on how much control one wants to retain over the song? Some people feel that once its shared it has a life of its own, and some don't. If one shares just the words then does that mean one's happy to allow other people to use those words to any tune that occurs to them?
Its quite an important decision really, because once its done its done.
(I'd like to read the Angels of the Wild lyrics though.......)
Sorry - I've burbled without any conclusion again. Oops.