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Posted By: Seany
12-Jun-01 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: out of tune whistle !
Subject: RE: Help: out of tune whistle !
Thanks for advice,

I will hack and tinker with my spare Sweetones but this may not help if as Alison says they are out of tune with themselves - which I think is the problem I specified earlier but in different words !

I will try taping up some holes.

I bought a nickel Generation with a blue top today and I'll see how that goes this evening.

Maybe no-one really cares if my whistle is 'out of tune' but it eats at my confidence and I get worried about playing at all. I really don't want to stop so I will strive to get a tuned whistle.

Should I be buying an expensive one (100 pounds or so ? ) - would that be in tune ?