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Posted By: Annraoi
05-Dec-98 - 04:38 PM
Thread Name: Macaronachas / Macaronic Songs. Language mixing
Subject: RE: Macarónachas / Macaronic Songs. Language mixi
To Bobby Bob,Go raibh maith agat as an fhreagra. I'd be glad if you could let me know where I might lay my hands on those songs you mentioned. Shoh slaynt. Barbara. Thanks for your interest and help. Songs with foreign words scattered throughout at random are not covered by my idea of Macaronic. Rather,the use of two or more languages in a structured way. Thus, one might have alternate lines / couplets / quatrains / verses / half-lines even in the languages concerned. The use of the "other" language might be translatory or - more interestingly - as an integral part of the narration, if that is the type of composition involved. One example of the latter is "One morning in June agus mé 'dul a' spaisteoireacht, Casadh domh cailín 's ba ró-dhdeas a gnaoi," etc. A bilingual conversation might be the chosen form as in "Do bhí mé lá ar thaoibh an chnoic" where the ploughman and the girl converse in alternate stanzas, he in Irish, she in English. Is this any help? What is even more interesting is if the Macaronics is carried over in the metrics of the song. Ádh mór, Annraoi