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Posted By: DougR
12-Jun-01 - 01:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: the truth will out
Subject: RE: BS: the truth will out
I don't know about the FDR thing, but I noted at Barnes & Noble yesterday a new book on the subject. The author appeared (according to the information on the book jacket) to be a reputable person, and the source material appered to be legitimate. I forget the title but it was something like, What FDR knew in advance about the Pearl Harbor attack. So evidently some serious inquiry is being made.

Back to the Civil Rights Commission, another columnist wrote in today's newspaper that the preliminary report presented no evidence that faulty or subpar voting equipment was more prevelant in one area over another, and that the commission turned up no evidence of disenfranchisement for anyone. If one were to consider the voters who disqualified themselves because they voted for more than one candidate, etc. as disinfranchisement, maybe so, but that would be stretching the point I believe. The writer, John Leo, of the Universal Press Syndicate quotes Stephen Knack, an economist who studies voting issues says, "Florida is a good example of a national pattern: The largest and richest counties tend to use punch-card equipment. Nationally, (he said) 31.9% of Whites and 31.4% of Blacks live in punch-card counties.

"Testifying before Congress, Knack cited a CalTech-MIT voting study which found that punch-card systems resultin about the same number of invalid ballots as touch-screen electronic systems.

"As the Miami Herald reported last week, experts do not believe that differing voting systems were the source of the difficulty; they think that the underlying problem was the surge in first-time minority voters who did not know how to cast a ballot correctly."

Kendall, I agree, the lady does not sound like my kind of republican.