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Posted By: spingirl
12-Jun-01 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Six O'Clock Train and a Girl...(Hartford)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: john hartford song--with these lyric
hey everyone...thanks so much for the info! toad, i did type in the lyrics in the search engine first thing...actually, i typed in John Hartford on Dogpile, found you guys, and then typed in the following on the Mudcat search engine:

Girl with green eyes six o'clock train train green eyes John Hartford (which is how i found harpgirl, who seems to be the quintessential expert on John Hartford!)

the engine provided me with many lyrics and songs of irish and other origins, but no john hartford song came up. that's when i posted here, hoping someone would know the name of the song.

i teach indoor cycling (spinning) at a club, and most of my participants are in their 50s. one guy was talking to another after class last week, and mentioned that Johnny Hartford had just passed away and that he always loved his songs and lyrics, especially the lyric "so much depends on the six o'clock train and the girl with green eyes". He told the other man he didn't remember anything else about the song, but he always loved that line.

so--i was teaching again on friday, and that's why i wanted to find the song. i was able to find it (thanks to all of you!) and play it...he came up to me afterwards with tears in his eyes (really!) and said that the song, and the lyric meant a lot to him because it reminded him of his wife who had passed away last year from cancer.

so, thanks again. you not only made me look incredibly resourceful, but you touched a couple other lives as well!