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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
05-Dec-98 - 08:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Yodeling Songs
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: WAITING FOR A TRAIN (J Rodgers)^^
Gary D,

Here is one of the songs you seek.  I extracted this from
Cowpie, a wonderful site for C & W style music.

words and music by Jimmie Rodgers

F        C7        F        F7
All around the water tank
Bb             Bbm F
Waiting for a train
    Bb                     F             Dm
A thousand miles away from home
G7                   C7
Sleeping in the rain

  F              C7   F
I walked up to a brakeman
F7 Bb                  Bbm F      
To give him a line of talk
      Bb                       F
He says, "If you've got money
    G7         C7          F
I'll see that you don't walk."
             C7    F
I haven't got a nickel
F7      Bb             A7
Not a penny can I show
     Bb                    F
He said, "Get off, you railroad bum."
            G7               C7        F
And he slammed the box car door
F   C7   F          C7    F

C7  F         C7   F
He put me off in Texas
F7  Bb     Bbm  F
A place I surely love
         Bb                F   
Wide open spaces 'round me
       G7                     C7
The moon and stars above
     F      C7          F
Nobody seems to want me
F7 Bb                  Bbm  F
Or lend me a helping hand
      Bb                      F
I'm on my way from Frisco
        G7        C7    F
Goin' back to Dixieland
                C7         F
My pocket book is empty
F7         Bb                      A7
And my heart is filled with pain
        Bb                      F
I'm a thousand miles away from home
        G7       C7    F
Just waiting for a train


F   C7   F          C7   F

Roger in Baltimore