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Posted By: Fergie
13-Jun-01 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dearthrain O mo Chroi
Deartháirín ó mo Chroí.

I am a young fellow who has always loved rural sport-
The fairs and the patterns of Erin I used to resort,-
The true sons of Bacchus were always in my company,-
Till I was deprived of my deartháirín ó mo chroí.-

The womb's turned to earth that gave birth to my brother and me,-
My father and mother have gone to eternity,-
We worked at our trade and our money we spent it quite free,-
Which makes me lament for my deartháirín ó mo chroí.-

When we were children we did each other adore,-
This lovely green island we wandered it o'er and o'er,-
My brother was taken and sent o'er the dark rolling sea,-
And I am left lonely for deartháirín ó mo chroí.-

In Dublin's fair city my brother he was pressed away-
On board of a warship to Spain o'er the wild rolling sea.-
Where cannons roar loudly and bullets like lightening do fly,-
Perhaps in some battle my deartháirín ó might die.-

He was sent to the wars for to fight against Boney and France,-
His regiment was first in the red battle ranks to advance,-
But when night cast it's gloom on that gory and life wasting lea,-
Pale, bleeding and cold lay my deartháirín ó mo chroí.-

If heaven would aid me and send me to Spain where he be,-
My life I would venture to set him at liberty,-
Like a true loyal brother I would fight for him manfully,-
Or I'd die in the arms of my deartháirín ó mo chroí.-

But now I'm alone like the desolate bird of the night,-
The world and it's beauties no longer afford me delight,
The dark narrow grave is the only sad refuge for me,-
Since I lost my heart's treasure my deartháirín ó mo chroí.-

deartháirín ó mo chroí = Little brother of my heart. Author Michael Hogan The Bard of Thomond.

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