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Posted By: Philippa
08-Dec-98 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Water Kelpie/Oran Tlaidh an Eich-Uisge
Subject: RE: REQ Water Kelpie/Oran Tlaidh an Eich-Uisge
Regarding my corrections and uncorrections of the Maighdean Mhara song, one can also sing "Ged is maighdean mhara i" = although SHE is a mermaid - just use í instead of mí

and 'is' is right, not 'gur' - I tend to mix up my Irish and Scots Gaelic

Kenneth Macleod in the Kennedy-Fraser book says that the kelpie is really the same as the Gaelic 'Peatan', no the Each-Uisge. I know nothing (yet) about an Peatan but the kelpie appears to be quite a nasty beast, whereas the Each-Uisge just chases human women. Often he just falls asleep as they're stroking him, the woman notices the sand and leaves as maiden as she came (is this the origin of "Geaftaí Bhaile Bhuí" ??) And when the each-uisge does father a child, somehow in songs he often gets stuck rocking the cradle and lamenting where has the babe's mother gone.

Helen, did the tune fit? approximately?