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Posted By: Ralphie
19-Jun-01 - 03:37 AM
Thread Name: New Nic Jones (Double) CD
Subject: RE: New Nic Jones (Double) CD
Terry....Of course you can have a copy !! We're down to arguing about sleeve notes now, so, the end is in sight. Mark...I hear what you're saying about Mr B...Beleive me when I say that "No turn has been left un-stoned" with regards to this subject (see threads passim - ed) I take the view that if we all keep cool, the gradual drip - drip of opinion will win...maybe a boycott of all CM releases...? I'm just happy that I was in the position to help on this project. And with regards to the price....Not fixed yet, but the whole reason that Julia set up "Mollie Music" was to cut out the very people of whom you speak! (Hardly surprising) So....A complete running order will appear here FIRST! In the next few weeks...Regards Ralphie