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Posted By: marty D
19-Jun-01 - 12:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Hello Hans (Harvey Andrews)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hello Hans
I was introduced to Harvey's music by a Mudcatter who's obviously a fan and possibly a friend of his, so this thread and the one about 'The Soldier' caught my interest. What I find a bit disconcerting in Harvey's reaction here is the complete lack of 'personal connection' to his listeners and indeed to those who might want to sing his songs. Nary a 'Hi people, thanks for the interest', before launching into a 'look Ma, what they've done to my song' tirade. It happens, Mr. Andrews, and despite your articulate logic, a dismissal of Susanne's efforts can certainly be implied.

I've been told that your on-stage personna is warm and inclusive. I simply wouldn't have gleaned that from the way you responded here.

If truth be known, I guess I have a bit of a personal sub-text of my own to deal with, and it's partly my reason for responding here at all. I've never felt comfortable with artists who appear dismissive of those around them UNTIL they reach the stage. Both Stan Rogers and Gordon Bok (the latter a fairly recent discovery for me)have been described in print as having those traits. Apologists twist themselves inside out (usually citing the artist's overwhelming talent) explaining the dichotomy between 'personal' and 'public' behaviour. Doesn't wash with me. It simply comes down to 'manners'. You have them or you don't.