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Posted By: Little Hawk
19-Jun-01 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Revoke Nobel Prize to Henry Kissinger
Subject: RE: Revoke Nobel Prize to Henry Kissinger
Okay, Claymore, I will concede that you are not a total raving loony, and that you have some ability to engage in rational thought...

I am a generous sort.

Not only did Joan Baez (how liberal can you get?) write protest songs about Tiananmen Square and the Killing Fields, she also protested human rights violations by the present Communist government of Vietnam against its own people. Quite a number of other leftie folksingers wrote similar songs about the same events. I've heard them at the folk festivals. They don't get played on the radio, which might be why you haven't heard them. And guess what? I wrote a protest song about Tiananmen Square. I've never see anything else in my whole life that made me as angry as what the Chinese Army did at Tiananmen Square.

I guess we're not all as maudlin and one-sided as you think.

- LH