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Posted By: GUEST,harvey andrews
19-Jun-01 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Hello Hans (Harvey Andrews)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hello Hans
Nary a 'Hi people, thanks for the interest', before launching into a 'look Ma, what they've done to my song' tirade. It happens, Mr. Andrews, and despite your articulate logic, a dismissal of Susanne's efforts can certainly be implied.

I've been told that your on-stage personna is warm and inclusive. I simply wouldn't have gleaned that from the way you responded here.

Well, I,ve just read my posting again and all I read are facts about recorded versions of my songs with no reference to any Mudcat poster, certainly no tirade, and a tongue in cheek reference to Anon!! The problem with E mail is that you can't see my face or hear my tone of voice. What I say is what I mean. Somehow people twist it and add their own sub-texts. This is my first posting to Mudcat and I don't need to be personally attacked and have attitudes attributed to me that are not real by someone I don't know who admits to a chip on his shoulder re artists ,and has the gall to question my manners!!! As far as I'm concerned i just presented my views reasonably for informed discussion in a reasonable manner in a forum for people of like mind and interest, and I'm immediately set upon!! Life is too short for this. I think I'll go back to not contributing. I dipped my toe, but it's too cold!!