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Posted By: Bobby Bob, Ellan Vannin
09-Dec-98 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: Macaronachas / Macaronic Songs. Language mixing
Subject: RE: MacarĂ³nachas / Macaronic Songs. Language mixi
We had Dr Nicholas Williams from UCD here for Feailley Ghaelgagh a week or so ago, and he mentioned an affinity with the 'Gaylick' spelling Philippa mentions.

As to Bishop John, I doubt very much my family claims descendency. I have a feeling they were sheep stealers who left Scotland and changed the name to protect the guilty somewhere along the line.

To Annraoi, I thought my reply to her question was lost during my period of strife, but actually it was posted to the Mrs McGrath thread, and read:

Shen kiart, Annraoi, as ta mee foast jannoo ny naightyn myr ayrn jeh'n chlaare aym fastyr Jedoonee er Radio Vannin, 'Claare ny Gael'.

Bobby Bob