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Posted By: Helen
09-Dec-98 - 08:32 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Water Kelpie/Oran Tlaidh an Eich-Uisge
Subject: RE: REQ Water Kelpie/Oran Tlaidh an Eich-Uisge
Hi again, Philippa

No I don't think that your tune is the same as the one I have called the Water Kelpie. I don't know the notation you used - does and upper case letter mean a higher note, and lower case is a lower note or vice versa, or is it something different altogether? The tune I know is in the key of A minor (no sharps or flats, 3/4 TIME |A A|GAB|CDC|A A|GFE|EFG|A| (all these notes are in the octave going up from middle C, i.e. the third bar is C above middle C, D above that. In fact every note in this part is only one up or one down on the one before it so there are no big jumps from low to high or vice versa.

Sorry if this is confusing.