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Posted By: KAS
19-Jun-01 - 11:28 PM
Thread Name: Origin: Turtledove Done Drooped His Wings
Subject: RE: Help: turtledove done drooped his wings
Hi Dani, hi guys,

Surely a collision of a couple of traditional forms. I had heard Lomax's field recording, as well as the Amidons singing it on the Sharon Mountain Harmony album (a magnificent album all around), but I remember years ago hearing Dave Olive sing it - probably at a FSGW Getaway. Looking at the SMH liner notes here, I see the Amidons said they learned it from Dave, and there's an Editor's Note (presumably from Sandy & Caroline)which says "Dave Olive tells us that he, in turn, learned the song from the singing of Bessie Jones." Hmm.

I don't remember now whether I consciously altered the lyrics from any version that I had in my head. I do that sometimes, especially in the shower. Just personal poetry choices. I'm going to go back and listen to Ms. Jones... Alison and I are singing:

Adam and Eve, come tell it to me,
Meet me at the door, won't you tell it to me

- and:
When I get to Heaven, I know the rules

I wanna hear you sing it! Cheers,


PS: Of course, Dave Olive was also the person from whom I learned "I'm a Hog for You Baby, Can't Get Enough of Your Love..."