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Posted By: marty D
20-Jun-01 - 10:40 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Hello Hans (Harvey Andrews)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Hello Hans
Oops, open mouth, insert foot. Well I guess I can at least try to remove said foot. I apologize for anything that appeared scathing in my above post. I seem to have been overly sensitive a couple of times recently when I've seen what I honestly thought was someone dumping a bit unfairly on someone else. I guess my 'knight on a white horse' comes through much too quickly these days.

Dave said: 'Stick with it, Harvey! You never know - stay here long enough and you might even get as famous as some of the people who took offence...'

I really didn't know that 'fame' had anything to do with stating opinions on songs or even replying to someone else's complaints. Dave, I didn't know that Mr. Andrews was famous, and I'm not apologizing to him because he is, but because I shot my mouth off, and apparently missed the context of his initial post. I AM sorry Harvey. I think you write fine songs (because of a Mudcat friend I now own one of your CDs) and I regret jumping to wrong conclusions.

marty dawson