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Posted By: Little Hawk
20-Jun-01 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: on stage wierdness
Subject: RE: on stage wierdness
Yeah, Harvey, there are definitely ghosts out there in certain places. They aren't the whole being that passed over (in my opinion), but rather a partial thought-form remnant, an emotion-based fragment, you might say. They inhabit the astral, which is a dimension very close to the physical, but it isn't's more subtle in a sense. Most of what is in the astral is unapparent to our physical senses most of the time, but is easily accessible in the dream state. Sounds like your particular ghost really goes for sad songs in a big way.

- LH

p.s. Man, I can just hear the skeptics going ballistic over that...."Gimme my meat and potatoes lifestyle and go away," Little Hawk!!! "Rationality forever, rationality forever, rationality forever, and the Ego marches on!"