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Posted By: bill\sables
20-Jun-01 - 10:19 PM
Thread Name: on stage wierdness
Subject: RE: on stage wierdness
When I was 15 years old my brother, who was producing a variety show staring Mark Winter(Does anyone remember him) at the Victoria Theatre, Salford, Manchester, UK, asked me to help him with the show as he was a bit behind with the pre show scenery. I arrived in Manchester on the Sunday and the show was due to open on the Monday so I went straight to the theatre and started working with the stage crew and my brother puting finishing touches here and there. At about 1am we were all quite tired and stood in the middle of the stage discussing what we still had to do, There were about eight of us there. There were no lights on in the auditorium and only stage working lights lit on stage. The heating was still running to warm the place up for the audience next night. We all saw the swing doors swing open at the back of the auditorium and a sort of luminous mist floated down the aisle but we could hear footsteps as of high heels. This mist floated up onto the stage and went behind us and the steel fire door backstage slammed shut. One of the old flymen who had worked there for decades said it was only Nancy, and that we should follow her. Not wanting to be left alone I followed the others to the fire door and heard the footsteps climbing the stone stairs leading to the dressing rooms, We entered each room but found nothing. The old flyman then told a tale of a Victorian girl who had had an affair with an actor and was pregnant and rejected by him. One night she jumped from the upper circle to try to reach him on the stage and fell to her death in the orchestra pit and she has been there ever since. During the rest of the week I never went anywhere alone but sometimes felt a very cold chill.
I dont normally believe in these things but that is what I experienced.
Cheers Bill