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Posted By: Seamus Kennedy
20-Jun-01 - 10:33 PM
Thread Name: on stage wierdness
Subject: RE: on stage wierdness
I was performing at the Shannon Pub, Buffalo, last week and fellow catter KT was in the audience. A family had brought the recently cremated ashes of their grandmother to the pub and set them in an urn on the table. They told me that old Gran had been a fan of mine and they asked me to do some songs that she liked, which I did, and I also played a jig to which one of her granddaughters danced. They were having a fine time. At my first break, the family went out to the patio, where the dad took some photos with a new digital polaroid camera. He took three photos in succession of the group in essentially the same pose. The first and third pictures were perfectly clear, but the middle one had a misty haze in front of the group. It wasn't smoke, mist or fog, and they reckoned it was Granny having a final bash with the family and her own ashes! I'd heard of pix like this, but I'd never seen one myself till that night. KT saw it too.