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20-Jun-01 - 11:04 PM
Thread Name: on stage wierdness
Subject: RE: on stage wierdness
I was a cynic and a skeptic for a long time until I had a personal experience with poltergeists and the paranormal about 20 years ago...mind you I'd always been fascinated and intrigued by the subject. Still I'm a "show me" kind of person, not given lightly to believe in others experiences of this nature unless experienced first hand.

I was doing a gig with my band in Thunderbay, Ontario, and one night during dinner we got onto the subject of ghosts, hauntings, out of body experiences, etc...and the drummer (Gary) tells me if I really want to have an "experience", we should go visit his brother in Winnipeg. His brother had recently moved into a new apartment (which happened to be directly across the street from an old cemetery) and that there were very strange, unexplainable things happening to him since he'd moved in. (What we were to experience had already been happening to his brother. Keep reading.)

Gary said if I was interested, he could arrange for the two of us to visit his brother and stay for a few days. As we had a two week lay over till our next gig, I decided I'd rent a car and the two of us would head to Winnipeg, while I sent the rest of the band along with the equipment back to Toronto via my van.

We get to Winnipeg and arrive at the apartment. It's around noon when we get there, and it's summer. We get into the apartment, meet his brother (who looks like he hasn't slept in a week) and I see all these devices like tape recorders, cameras on tripods, and a bunch of other techno looking stuff . Apparently his brother had been in touch with an organization in the U.S. that investigates paranormal activity, and they'd come by to set up some equipment, and would be back in a few days to bunk in, and see what if anything turned up. In the meantime, his brother was instructed on where to set mics and how to use the recording equipment.

Shortly after dumping our stuff off at the apartment we all decide to go out for lunch and pick up a case of beer on the way back. When we get back to the apartment I put the case of beer on the kitchen counter (flat and horizontal side up.) Gary went into the bedroom to unpack, and his brother went to the washroom. I leave the beer on the counter and go into the living room and unpack my some of my stuff as I've opted to crash on the couch. (All the kitchen cupboards and drawers were closed.)

Took me no more than 3 minutes to get out a few things, and then I go back into the kitchen to put the beer in the fridge. (No one had been in that kitchen since we'd gotten back from lunch except me.) I go back into the kitchen, and now the beer case is standing on its vertical end, with the bottle inside facing sideways. And, several kitchen cupboards and drawers are half open. I never heard a sound out of the kitchen while I was in the living room unpacking. I called Gary and his brother and told them what just happened. His brother just shrugged and said "oh yeah...shit like that's been happening. I've gotten used to it."

That very night, after the other two have crashed, I'm lying on the couch on my back nodding off. Suddenly I feel two sets of hands on me - a pair holding down my shoulders and a holding down my ankles. I start yelling "knock it off guys", and I cannot move nor get up. I'm paralyzed. This lasted for about 2-3 minutes. Then I see the lights in the bedrooms come on and both emerge asking me "what's up"? It was only then that I realized they were sleeping, with their bedroom doors closed and these hands which were on me did not belong to either of them. Again his brother is somewhat non-chalant about it, and just said, "that's happened to me as well. Freaky eh?"

Couldn't sleep after I got up turned on a table lamp, and put the tv on at low volume and started watching. The brothers returned to bed and closed the bedroom doors. About 45 minutes later, I become aware of some mild perfumed fragrance which I can clearly smell..but was not previously there before. Then I feel a hand lightly stroking the hair on the top of my head, and then, a soft female voice whispering in my ear "turn out the lights". At this point I mute the tv, and just sit there with every hair on my body standing on end. Again, the voice says "turn out the lights". Instead I turn on all the lights, and then a minute later the tv "automatically" switches itself off. I turn it back on, and again a few minutes later it turns itself off. At this point, I was believing, and instead of fighting it, I decided to relax and accept it, and once I did that, the voice disappeared and the tv remained on.

The following day, we're sitting around and have the recording equipment going, and we're sort of monitoring the VU meters on the tape recorders. We remain quiet while we're doing this, and after a while we notice the meters going right off the scale. We wait till the VU activity stops. We play back the recordings and clear as a bell hear a male voice say, "I'm Robert Ecklestone. Please help me." We saved this recording, for the science guys who were coming back in a couple of days. We decide to head out of the apartment (early evening at this point) and go over to the cemetery to check out the names on some of the gravestones. I'll be damned if after a while we didn't discover a husband and wife "Robert and Mary Ecklestone", buried in that cemetery. Both had died on May 17, 1924. The fact that they had both died at the same time indicates that it must have been an accident or some sort of foul play.

The freakiest part of all of this, was that these poltergeists didn't remain in the apartment all the time. Gary's brother claimed that they'd be in his car with him when he'd have to go some where and both the female and male would talk and touch him while he was driving. The scientific guys, gathered lots of data after we left, and verified 100% that the apartment was very much haunted.

While I never personally saw any physical manifestations of ghosts, I absolutely and unequivocally experienced their presence and some of their shannanagans, and for me the trip to Winnipeg was absolutely worth the time and expense to be there. I've never doubted the existence of "another dimension" since, and in a way I found the experience reassuring, in terms of knowing for certain there was definitely something that transcends our reality as we know it. I'd also like to state that at no time was I high or inebriated when I experienced any of these things.

Since that time, I've had other experiences, but aren't appropriate to share here. They were more of an intense personal nature and experience.