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Posted By: paddymac
21-Jun-01 - 12:14 AM
Thread Name: on stage wierdness
Subject: RE: on stage wierdness
Some folks seem impelled to deny the mere possibility of events such as those described above, while others rush to accept machinations of all sorts or charlatans. Most people, or at least so it seems to me, are somewhere in the middle. My own view is that there are a number of different realities which may be within our collective ability to perceive, but beyond our present ability to measure. Many people have had "experiences" which they are not able to "explain". Sadly, most of them simply lock them away in memory out of fear that they would be considered "wierd", or worse, if they ever tell another person about them. Seems like the only useful approach is to simply keep an open mind. The odd thing is that many religions seem to accept such things rather easily when couched in some sort of "holiness", but yet deny the possibility of such things outside the religious realm of perceptions.