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Posted By: Barry Finn
10-Dec-98 - 04:26 PM
Thread Name: 'Wild Goose Shanty (Ranzo)' background
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Jon, I'm not familar with the MacColl/Lloyd version but it may be one aslo called Huckleberry Hunting which both Hugill & Doerflinger have as the Wild Goose Shanty, even though the wild geese reference doesn't appear at all but Ranzo (Hilo me Ranzo R(w)ay) does gets in on the chorus. The tunes are also very different, at least from what I've heard. I've only heard one tune used for the Wild Goose Shanty that starts off "Did you ever see a wild goose sailing over the ocean".

Abby, if I had to guess as to the origins of the words & tune I'd say with its high hitches there's some bit of Arfo American influence but I'd lean more to it coming out of the British tradition. It doesn't lend itself in a great way for improvising & harmonies, there's not much change within the same versions, the words & phrasing ( and the fair maid replys, "she said none the better for the seeing of you"). But put me on a witness stand, Abby, & I'd deny all & say 'I don't know for sure'. Good Luck. If you find more would you post it here. Barry