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Posted By: Rick Fielding
22-Jun-01 - 12:02 AM
Thread Name: What the 'F'! The sequel.
Subject: What the 'F'! The sequel.
My computer doesn't like long threads. This is carried over from this

One thing Marion that may be a bit "outside the norm" is getting your neck shaved a bit.

Lemme first say that (as many here know) I'm practically a fanatic about "having EVERYTHING work in your favour" as far as equipment goes. That goes for experimenting with string brands and guages until you come up with the one perfect for you, to making certain that your instrument suits you body, your hands, your style of music, your ear and everything else that contributes to playing being a fun and comfortable experience.

Sometimes that means spending a few more bucks than you wanted to, but to me music is simply my MAIN priority in life. It's the ONE thing that I have complete confidence in (doesn't mean I don't make mistakes..'cause I make lots!) and the one thing that I have unshakeable faith in. It simply has never let me down and never will. I guess for that reason, I want everyone to have the fun that I do out of it......Don't recommend you try to make your living at it though, unless your commitment is total.

So, blah, blah blah, to the part where I said "neck shaving"! It's a simple process. A good luthier or ACOUSTIC repair person can do it. I've been using Bruce Dowd in Toronto for twenty five years for all important instrument work. Just takes a little mass off the neck and won't hurt the stability. Had it done on my 1949 Martin (a sacriledge to some) and I love the job he did. Whether it's an antique or not (and whether the antique value drops by a couple of hundred) doesn't trouble me at all. It's my WORK tool, and I wanted the neck perfect for MY hands. Worth thinking about.

If you can already play the Gmaj7, without stress then you've got a good span.....and yeah, if you're real adventurous you COULD fret the sixth string with your thumb, I guess. Damn, if you lived in Toronto, at least I could try to help with that "F".