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22-Jun-01 - 07:40 AM
Thread Name: What the 'F'! The sequel.
Subject: RE: What the 'F'! The sequel.
....Gmaj7 brings up an interesting question...which way do you like to play it (at the first position, or any position for that matter)?

For a more 'open' sound, I play it: M-1-2 (middle finger 1st string 2nd fret); I-5-2 (index 5th string 2nd fret); R-6-3 (ring 6th string 3rd fret)....

Barred: I-all-3;M-(3and4)-4; R-5-5. (this requires the player to bend the middle finger back at the first joint to make the little 'mini-barr' over the 3rd and 4th strings)

Never tried it but Gmaj7 at the 7th fret (2nd position) would seem pretty formidable...a little better at the 10th fret (3rd position)...