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Posted By: Philippa
11-Dec-98 - 04:10 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Water Kelpie/Oran Tlaidh an Eich-Uisge
Subject: RE: REQ Water Kelpie/Oran Tlaidh an Eich-Uisge
hmm, I'm going to have to get around to the midi.
I typed out the following before I saw your message, Helen,so I'll paste it in anyway:
The Water-Kelpie's Lullaby (Marjory Kennedy- Fraser, 1909 - based on Gaelic words and tune from the Gesto collection)

A Mhór a ghaoil! A Mhór, a shògh
Till gud' mhacan is gheabh [gheibh] thu 'm bradan breac o'n loch.
A hó hì, A hó hì, A hó hóan
A hó hó-an, A hó hì A hó hì

Avore [o Mór], my love, Avore [o Mór], my joy!
To thy babe come and troutlings you'll get out the loch,
A hó hì, A hó hì, A hó hóan
A hó hó-an, A hó hì A hó hì

3/4 time, b flat I use D1 for the higher D note, ~ to indicate same note held into next measure, - to indicate a space (other than than, I can't indicae tempo, but you should be able to tell whether or not the tune is familiar)
If this tune fits I can type the rest of the verses out for you.

A Mhór, a Mhór
another version School of Scottish Studies SA 1956/164 recorded from William Matheson by James Ross (This song might be on a commercially available School of Scottish Studies recording of William Matheson. I got it from an issue of the School's magazine 'Tocher' but |I neglected to copy down the no. of the issue. School of Scottish Studies website no. is given early on in this thread)

1)A Mhór, a Mhór, A Mhór, a Mhór,
Till ri do mhacan, Till ri do mhacan
's gheibh thu bacan bhreac a-nochd bhuam.

2)Tha'n oidhche fuar
aig Beinn Thorcain
Gun teine gun tuar
Ach na flodain
Air taobh cnocain, 's e dol as oirnn

(repeat a Mhór...a-nochd bhuam)


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