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Posted By: Little Hawk
23-Jun-01 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Women who drowned her 5 children
Subject: RE: BS: Women who drowned her 5 children
GUEST Joe - Gosh, that's a pretty compelling argument! I may just have to rethink my whole position on this. Breaking into someone's home and cleaning it? Definitely a sign of insanity. I saw someone throw a whole bunch of litter out of their car on the street yesterday, and after thinking about it for awhile (it was blowing around in the wind) I took a little walk to the grocery and picked up as much of it as I could find on the way and put it in one of the trash cans.

I should probably be executed...or at least committed to the loony bin. I mean, hell, it wasn't my litter, was it? It wasn't my road, either. Who the hell do I think I am anyway? People like me, I mean really ignorant people, should simply not be tolerated any longer. I am scum.

I'm gonna go and turn myself in right after I finish posting this...thanks for opening my eyes.

(not that I don't get what you actually meant, I just thought I should respond in an appropriately respectful manner to it...)

Jed - I may have overspoken my case, cos the thing hit me emotionally. I've suffered a lot of depression in my own life, though it has never driven me to commit a destructive just saps my energy and grinds everything to a halt. It's really an awful thing to go through.

Accordingly, I guess I felt for the woman more than some people might. I also feel terrible for the children, but there's nothing anyone can do for them anymore at this point.

GUEST Joe said that "something must be done" after such an incident. Well, the fact is that really nothing can be done, except to arrest the person and take her off the street (so to speak) and then decide from there, and that has been done. It's before these incidents that something must be done. Afterward is too late.

That's what makes people so mad...they just can't accept that they are powerless to make things right again...nobody likes feeling powerless.

As usual, I thank God I am not a politician...but just another folkie on the forum.

- LH