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Posted By: GUEST,Dan in Nova Scotia
23-Jun-01 - 09:25 PM
Thread Name: Nic Jones
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
I first heard of Nic Jones from Stan Rogers and immediately went out in search of Nic and found From the Devil to a Stranger and was immediately hooked.

As I perform in the UK about once a year I decided to stop in to see Nic and Julia one late night in June 1999 and bought several copies of In Search of... Nic Jones. (Well worth it!!!) and I also had a chance to sit down and talk with them for a few hours. They are wonderful people and Nic, although he did play a few bars of things and showed me a few things I am still attempting to incorporate, he kept trying to get me on a chess board which I had to refuse because apparently he knows his way around the board as well as he knows his way around the neck of a guitar. In fact he says his guitar fared better than he did, regarding the accident. It only broke its neck!

But if you can find any of Nics other lps anywhere you might try Little Pot Stove Records c/o "John Dalton"

I'm not sure if any are listed but it might be well worth a search.

And as far as Canadie-i-o he uses the c modal tuning which is CGCGCD. (I asked if I might be able to record this and both he and Julia were kind and said I was quite welcome to it as well as others which they would be quite happy to let me know where they came from.) (You can also check one of the back issues of Folk Roots Magizine for a few more details on Nic and some of his songs and tunings.