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Posted By: Fiolar
24-Jun-01 - 07:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: Women who drowned her 5 children
Subject: RE: BS: Women who drowned her 5 children
Who can really understand the state of mind of someone who goes to the extreme that the Texas woman did. Was there a previous history of neglect or depression? Was the woman suffering from post-natal depression as I understand one of the children was quite young. What was the husband doing to support her? Questions and more questions. As a psychiatric nurse manager in a British hospital, one of most distressing things I and the nursing staff on one of my wards had to contend with was the case of the wife of an American service man who had killed her two chidren in cold blood. Having spent some time in prison, she was then admitted to us for psychiatric assessment and reports. My problem as a manager was not with her but with the staff who needed a lot of support and counselling as to how to deal with a child killer. To the best of my recollection, she never showed any signs of remorse. She went from us to a hospital in the States. My sympathy is with the Texan woman when the enormity of what she has done finally penetrates the shell. God help her.