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Posted By: MAV
24-Jun-01 - 12:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Women who drowned her 5 children
Subject: RE: BS: Women who drowned her 5 children
First Think about the Murdered Children!!

Excuses, excuses, excuses!!!...All criminals are now either mentally retarded or temporarily insane.

After all, how could anyone in their right mind knock off a liquor store etc...?

This is not the first time on the national scene. Remember Susan Smith? Her new boyfriend didn't like the kids, so she strapped them into the backseat and then drove into a lake....blaming a mythical "black man"?

We had a case here in Maine, the most liberal state in the US, where a woman killed her three kids, got "treatment", was declared sane and was released. She had three more kids with the same husband and then killed them and herself as well.

We had another horrifying case here where a couple of "born again" but otherwise psychotic "Christians" BAKED their little girl in the kitchen OVEN!!! They thought she was possessed. One cop who responded to the call said he thought it was a doll that he was looking at. Think of his nightmares.

That woman is now out and living in the same community.

Time for a reality check. These are all symptoms of the pop culture's cheapening of life, a woman's right to kill her children (and a man's right to say "Get rid of it..bitch)


These people need civil commitment to an institution until they are no longer a threat to themselves or society, then.....


Being childless (not by design), I otherwise have no strong opinions on the topic.

mav out