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Posted By: johnm
11-Dec-98 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: Macaronachas / Macaronic Songs. Language mixing
Subject: RE: MacarĂ³nachas / Macaronic Songs. Language mixi
Have no idea why this happened.

Coming up I noticed a little red fox CHORUS

2 (In English) Good morrow fox, good morrow sir
Pray what is it that you're 'ating?"
"A fine fat goose I stole from you,
And will you come and taste it?"
"O no, indeed (Gaelic) I do not want it,
I wouldn't taste a pick of it,
(In English) But I vow and swear, you'll dearly pay
For that fine fat goose you're 'ating it." CHORUS

3 Hark, jhark Finder Lily and Piper.
Gather the dogs together.
Hark, hark, Truman, you lazy hound.
Bateman, you're a good dog,
Tally ho, on the scent, tally ho, on the scent,
Tally ho, on the scent, little puppies
Tally ho, on the scent, tally ho, on the scent,
And the top of his two ears sticking up. CHORUS

4 A distressed an sore heart to you, you bad fox
That took from me my, lovely, flock of geese,
My fine big cock, my beautiful hens,
Any my nicest ducks in the whole of Ireland. CHORUS


This is available everywhere.

In dulci jubilo,nun singet und seid froh,
unsers Herzens Wonne,
leit in praesepio, und leuchtet als die Sonne,
matris in gremio, Alpha es et O.

O Jesu parvule,, nache dir ist mir so weh,
trost mir mein Gemuete,
o puer optime, durch alle deine Guete,
o princeps gloriae, trahe me post te.

O Patris caritas, o nati lenitas,
wir warn all verloren,
per nostra crimina, so hat er uns erwoben,
coelorum gaudia, eia waern wir da.

Ubi sunt gaudia, nirgends mehr denn da,
da die Engel singen,
nova cantica, und e Schellen klingen,
in Regis curia, eia warn wir da.

Forgive all the duplications above
If you want a translation of this I will post it tomorrow

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