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Posted By: Bat Goddess
25-Jun-01 - 09:24 AM
Thread Name: Origins: The Mower
Subject: Lyr Add: THE MOWER^^^
Curmudgeon here.
I've been singing THE MOWER now for many years. I first got it from The Best of A. L. Lloyd, Prestige. It is also in Lloyd's book, Folksong in England. But since these are both out of print...

As I was out a-walking on the fourteenth of July,
I met a maid and I asked her age and she gave me this reply:
"I have a little meadow which I have held in store,
And it's only due I should tell you true, it never was mowed before."

She said, "Me charmin' young man, if a mower that you be,
I'll give you good employment, so come along with me."
It was me good employment. As I wandered up and down,
With me tarrin' scythe I did contrive to mow her meadow down.

Now me courage being undaunted as I stepped out on the ground,
With me tarrin' scythe I then did strive to mow her meadow down.
I mowed from nine to dinner-time. It was far beyond me skill.
I was obliged to yield and to quit the field and her grass was growin' still.

The more she kissed and did protest, this fair maid being so young,
I thought her two bright sparklin' eyes were like the risin' sun.
She says, "Young man, I'll sharpen your scythe. Come place it in me hand,
And perhaps you'll consent to come again and mow me meadowland."

Good singing to all - Tom^^^